Several people reported this phishing scam to

However, we had some UD folks ignore the typos, wacky spacing and fonts, and click the link to the scammer’s website:

typo-laden phishing scam

Believe it or not, multiple UD folks fell for this phishing scam.

People, people, people. How many times do we need to tell you to be careful about seemingly critical email that tries to get you to “Click Here” to remedy the allegedly urgent problem? This email has all the classic traits of a fake message — a scam:

  • Non-standard English. “Dear Students / Staffs” is a pretty obvious mistake. But wait — there’s more! Our favorite: “safety measurements” [sic] instead of safety measures.
  • Spacing and fonts. This message is formatted by an amateur. It’s not like this was a hard one to spot. Three different font sizes, blank lines in the middle of sentences.
  • False sense of urgency in the first sentence, leading to a link to “fix” the problem. Standard phishing fare. If you take three seconds to inspect the link in the message, you’d see it takes you to a site at!

We suspect that the people who fell for this scam were too busy to take a moment and inspect the message. The signs are there. This is a phishing scam. If you are not sure, forward a message to and let IT staff help you determine if the message is legitimate or a scam. And, above all else…

Think B4 U Click!!