This phish is pretty easy to spot, but multiple copies have swum into UD inboxes this morning:

obsequious phishing scam

It comes from a spoofed email address ( and asks you to click a link that is clearly not a UD link for something about your “Secure Account.” The link is a definitive clue that this is a baaaaaaaaad message — one that you should delete. And the grammar mistakes are a pretty big clue, too.

This message engages in a tactic that a lot of phishing messages use: It uses fawning, obsequious language to make it sound like whatever scary thing the message alleges will be OK if you’d just click this link. A real security alert would not ask you to “Kindly” do something and, if it did include an apology, would take the trouble to make it grammatical.

Think B4 U Click!