telephoneWe warned you: tax scam season has begun. We’ve received our first report of a tax scam affecting a member of the UD community.

A UD graduate student reported a suspicious phone call from a scammer posing as an FBI agent. The scammer informed the student that they owed taxes and were being investigated. Caller ID even showed the number as an FBI number–but that did not mean that the call was legitimate. The student reported the call to their department and mentioned that others had received the same call.

Be careful if you receive this phone call. Do not provide personal information to the caller. Instead, hang up the phone.

Remember: the IRS will send a letter if you owe taxes. They will not call you about delinquent taxes–and neither will the FBI. Be suspicious of calls that tell you you owe taxes!

If you receive this call, report it to the police in the jurisdiction in which you received the call. If you are a University employee or student, you should also inform the UD police department.