Another phishing scamWell, the phishers had a busy cyber Monday. This scam was reported yesterday afternoon. It’s a continuation of the trend we reported this summer, in which scammers try to get their victims to download and open PDF files that either contain malware or contain links to a malicious site.

In this case, given all the discussion about Title IX and sexual harassment, the scammer tries to titillate you into clicking the attachment. You’re supposed to be so interested in learning WHICH “UDEL administrator” was accused of sexual harassment, that common sense will desert you and you’ll download the PDF and get yourself in trouble.

Links to posts this summer:

Phishing scams with malicious PDF attachments or PDF attachments containing links to malicious sites are on the rise as a way of bypassing some email systems’ anti-phishing defenses. Be wary of unsolicited attachments. Be wary of unexpected attachments. Above all,

Think B4 U Click!