Red TelephoneIt is important to remember to never share your UD account password to anyone. A company or business that offers IT support but asks for your password information is a red flag. Recently, a UD retiree may have been a victim of a phone scam from a consulting company offering support help. The consulting company was able to gain remote access to his computer and attempted to reset the password for him in the process.

This scam was discovered during a three-way call between the UD retiree, consulting company Jupiter Support, and a UD IT Support Center employee. During this conversation, the UD retiree mentioned he was having difficulty logging into his UD email account after changing his password on Oct. 24, 2016. The retiree also mentioned to having a consulting company assist him in changing his password. The UD IT Support Center employee advised the UD retiree to hang up the phone and call back without Jupiter Support on the phone.

If you ever have difficulty accessing your UD account information, please contact the University directly at the IT Support Center. University policy ordinarily prohibits sharing passwords or any confidential information.