Keyboard with thumbprintIf you use your UD password for other accounts, you are at risk. The more places your password is used, the more likely it could be stolen. Pay attention to password breaches in the news that could affect you. Recently, Verizon and Yahoo fell victim to hackers stealing passwords from accounts. At least 1.5 million user accounts from Verizon and 500 million user account from Yahoo were exposed in a massive security breach. Don’t be one of these people! It is important to remember to never use your UD password anywhere else.

Your UD password is very valuable! Make sure you are changing your password every 12-15 months. If you do use your UD password for a different account, regularly changing your password will help reduce the amount of time someone else has access to it if there was a security breach. When updating to a new password, make sure it is extremely strong by having:

  • 12 to 30 characters in length
  • Contain an uppercase letter, a lower case letter, a number, and a special character
  • Not consist of a single word or name
  • Not an obvious UD-related phrase (ex: BlueHens)

Save yourself the headache of someone who has had their account stolen. Only use your UD password for your UD account!