This morning, several people have reported this less-than-convincing phish:

Scam 10/25
Because of the UD Shield image, some people will ignore the puzzling grammar and click the link in this message. If bigwigs like Colin Powell and John Podesta can fall for a phishing scam and click a link that hides a link to a malicious site, we know others can, too.

Spend even 20 seconds thinking about it, and this email’s phishiness should be quite clear:

  • Why would someone at the University of Alberta be writing me about my UD account? And why has he addressed me as “Help Desk”?
  • An official email from UD wouldn’t use this old UD seal, would it? Besides, it’s distorted so that University of Delaware is “squished.”
  • Why would UD send me an email with this many grammar mistakes and irregular capitalization?
  • Why would UD ask me to click a link to verify my account? That alone looks phishy!

See this message? Delete it. And above all,

Think B4 U Click!