2016-08-18_1632Members of the UD community are reporting a phishing scam that boldly claims to come from President Assanis. This email is yet another example of spear phishing, where scammers research an organization and use names and other information to craft a targeted message for employees or customers.

This scam has many of the tell-tale signs of phish: It comes from a non-UDel address, yet says it comes from someone within the University. Its subject line is generic (and even includes a zero instead of an “o”). The link that allegedly leads to your “PDF Files” actually goes to a suspicious third-party site instead of to any official site, University-affiliated or otherwise. The scammer was at least diligent enough to spellcheck their work (subject line aside), but that doesn’t hide their other mistakes.

As always, if you see this email, delete it.