Scammers targeting UD students and employees are growing bolder; in a recent vishing attempt, a scammer spoofed a UD phone number (beginning 302-831) to call a UD student.

The scammer claimed to be from the University, and asked for the potential victim’s address and Social Security number (SSN) to “verify her student information.” The scammer refused to identify which UD department needed the information and wouldn’t give a name, either. Smelling a rat, the potential victim hung up the phone and did not reveal her SSN.

Most UD phone numbers do begin with 302-831; however, seeing an incoming call from a 302-831 number does not always mean the call is coming from UD! Phone numbers can be spoofed or hijacked. As this student recognized, the University will never call and ask for your SSN under the guise of verifying student information. Neither will any other reputable business or organization.

If you receive a phone call like this one, hang up the phone immediately! Do not give away any personal information. If you are unsure if a call allegedly from the University is legitimate, ask the caller what department of the University needs this information, hang up, then call that department directly using their published phone number on their official UD website.