Many Dell users reported receiving multiple bogus support calls by fake support technicians. The scammers knew the serial number and service ID of the user’s computer. They would call and tell the Dell user that his or her computer had been infected with a virus, and they would offer to remove it for a fee of $250 – if the owner hesitated, the scammers would read off the serial number and ID of the user’s computer to try to prove they were legitimate.

This scam has been a problem since it was initially reported by Dell last October.

Even if a caller seems to be reputable because he or she knows so much about your specific machine, do not give them any information. As a company, Dell will never call you unsolicited to fix a service issue unless you are signed up for their premium services. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Dell or Microsoft, hang up the phone and call Dell or Microsoft directly. Never give out any personal information to an unidentified caller.

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