Throwback Thursday!

This is one of the old standby scams of phishers everywhere: the fake email account notification. The goal of a message like this is to get an unsuspecting victim to either click a link to a malicious Web site or to provide their account information to the phisher through a reply or Web form. They use the pretexts of storage quotas, server upgrades, and other generic “techy” stuff to fool people into believing that they need to act soon.

2015-08-27_1501The most obvious sign that this is a scam is the bright red signature claiming that the message is from the “Institute of Education” (what?) and “ITS Help Desk,” neither of which are UD departments or affiliates.

Hovering over the link reveals an “” address, which definitely doesn’t go to a legitimate University Web site.

The spelling, grammar, and word choice are all further giveaways. Anything sent by UD or Google Apps for Education will probably be error free, and will at least look like a professional writer had a part in its creation.

As always, scrutinize emails before trusting them, and never click on suspicious links or provide any personal information. If you see this email, pause for some nostalgic value and then delete it.