Within 48 hours of Microsoft beginning to push out Window 10 to individuals, scammers began sending out fake upgrade notices via email. Click the link; install ransomware that locks you out of your computer’s files.

Uh, folks, you do know that Microsoft will not email Windows 10 updates to individual customers, right?

University of Delaware faculty and staff can download and install the Windows 10 update for University of Delaware-owned computers from the UDeploy software server.

For your personal computers, be patient. Windows 10 will be available through the usual Windows update service.

As Network World reported,

The “Upgrade to Windows 10 for free” email has been spoofed so that it appears to be coming from Microsoft via update@microsoft.com. The header, however, shows that it came from an IP in Thailand. The email is using the same color scheme as the Windows 10 update app and claims, “This message has been scanned for viruses and dangerous content by MailScanner, and is believed to be clean.”

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