It seems like everyone’s out to get mobile users. First it was iPhone users and “Apple Wave.” Now it’s Android users and “Angry Bird Transformers.”

Rovio and Hasbro, the owners of Angry Birds and Transformers, respectively, are supposed to release the official game on October 15th for iOS and October 30th for Android.

But there’s a malware version already floating around the Android store. The “game” uses official information from the real Angry Birds Transformers, including announcements and images, but it’s actually just a destructive app that wipes your SD card, blocks access to social media and texting apps, and spams your contacts. Victims are informed that they’ve been hacked by Elite.

If a friend messages you “Elite has hacked you. Obey or be hacked,” don’t follow any links or download any attachments from that contact. And as always, completely verify the legitimacy of any files and programs, including apps, before you download and install them.