So there’s a call center in India posing as UD Directory Assistance and claiming to be the Chamber of Commerce so they can ask for your UD information. I wish we were creative enough to make this stuff up.

Yesterday, we got a call from a number that appeared as “831-3600 – UD Directory Assistance” in the caller ID. However, the person on the other end of the line (It wasn’t a recording! Fancy that.) was very clearly in a noisy call center on the other side of the globe. I assure you, UD call center staff are all on campus, safely locked away in office buildings.

She asked for our UD-specific information so the Chamber of Commerce could update their records. I don’t think so, but thanks for trying.

Remember, your UD info, especially your ID and login information, should never be kept in any other records. Those are UD-specific, and it is not the business of the Chamber of Commerce or any other agency (real or impersonated) to document it for any of their records. Never give this information out to other people or groups.