Welivesecurity.com has published information on a worm that is causing problems for Android users.

They indicate that

The main characteristic feature of any computer worm is that it uses a more-or-less automated mechanism for spreading and finding new victims. The “more automated kinds” are able to crawl networks and infect vulnerable hosts, whereas the more common types usually spread either as email attachments (although typical mass-mailing worms are quite uncommon today), through removable media (likewise, spreading via autorun.inf files is also on the decline) or through URL links in emails, IM or Facebook messages (or other social networks).

These types of worms also rely on social engineering to convince the user to click on the link and run the malware.

At UD, we recommend that if you have an Android phone or device that you use anti malware software like Lookout Mobile Security to protect against threats like this one.