Paypal’s “ID Review Department” is trying to get your personal information again.  This time, the scammers  have created a very sophisticated pharming site, but the email message is still a classic example of a phishing scam:

Click smaller image for a larger version

The pharming site may look like Paypal, but check the URL:

Click smaller image for a larger version

There are several errors in the email message that indicate it is a phishing scam:

  • If you hover over the link, it does not lead to Paypal.
  • There are several grammar errors in the message.
  • ID Review Department is seen in other Paypal scams.
  • The message is not sent from Paypal.

And, just like any legitimate online business, Paypalwill never ask you to change your personal information over an email message. If you have any doubts about your personal information’s privacy, call the company or manually type the URL in the address bar.