People are reporting dozens of different phishing scams in mailboxes. A lot of the phishing messages are coming in with a subject line of “Technical Support” or “Webmail Alert!” and appear to come from,,, all spoofed addresses. These messages are not from UD. Delete them.

Here’s a sample of one of the many we’re seeing:

From: University of Delaware <eblt@UDel.Edu>
Date: February 21, 2013 5:56:55 PM EST
To: yourid@UDel.Edu
Subject: Technical Support

You could be infected with spyware. Press this link to protect your account.

University of Delaware Email Team

If you are reading email on a computer and if you “hovered” your mouse over the link, you would see that it does not take you to a Web site. It’s a fraud. You are supposed to fear spyware so much that you’ll click the fraudulent link without thinking.

If you’re using a mobile device, don’t follow the link in any unsolicited email.

Remember, the University of Delaware will not send you email that asks you to follow a link to fix your account, nor will we ever send email asking for your account password.

Look at some of the other sample messages at this site, read our most recent UDaily article about phishing, explore some of the resources linked from this site. Above all else…. Think B4 U click!