Immunohistochemistry of QSOX

Published on: Author: Colin Thorpe

There are two QSOX orthologs in humans: QSOX1 and QSOX2. These images refer to the distribution of QSOX1 in human tissues and represent the unpublished observations of Dr. Donald L. Coppock, Dr. George K. Turi and their coworkers. The photomicrographs have been graciously provided by Dr. Coppock. The panels utilize an antibody raised against a peptide from the second thioredoxin domain of QSOX1 (found in both QSOX1a and QSOX1b isoforms [PubMed]).  Tissues were fixed with formalin, the brown-to-puce stain is diaminobenzimide, and the counter stain is hematoxylin.


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