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Notice: If you have not submitted your photo yet for your ID card, please do so as soon as possible. Be aware, there is a three day processing period between approval of your photo and the printing of your card. 

The UD ONEcard serves as your official identification while at the University of Delaware. In addition to serving as identification, the ONEcard controls access to residential & dining halls, libraries, recreational facilities and other University buildings and services.

Getting your ONEcard for the first time

This year, due to social distancing standards, the ONEcard office will be collecting new student photos through an online system. 

Step 1: Take your photo according to the guidelines listed below.

Step 2: Upload your photo to the portal. Your personalized link to the portal was included in your email invite.

Step 3: Submit your photo and a photo of your government-issued ID.

Before you click “submit and sign out” make sure that both your card photo and the photo of your government issued ID are shown on the submission page. 

Step 4: Look for email with approval/rejection status. If rejected, return to step 1.

Step 5: Receive your UD ONEcard. Your ONEcard will be included in your move-in packet when you check into your residence halls.

All photos should be passport-style. Students will also need to upload a photo of a government-issued ID for verification purposes. The government issued ID is securely stored and once the photo has been approved/rejected it is deleted. An example of acceptable and unacceptable photos are described in the graphic below.


On-campus students who will not be residing in residence halls but who need to pick up their ONEcards will need to make an appointment to pick up their card at

Student Services Building
30 Lovett Avenue
Newark, DE 19716

Taking care of your card

WARNING: Putting your ONEcard in contact with a wireless charger will break your card

Wireless charging uses magnetic induction to charge your phone. The ID Card Office strongly advises that you do not place your ONEcard between your wireless-capable phone and the wireless charger. The wireless charging process will damage your ONEcard. Evidence of damage will be a distortion or bubble in the card where the internal chip is located, essentially overloading and damaging the chip. The replacement cost for a damaged ONEcard is $10 and requires the damaged card to be surrendered to the ID Card Office.

Do NOT punch holes in your ONEcard

Punching holes (for hanging, etc.), and burning (branding) are prohibited. These actions interfere with the electronic reading of the card and render them invalid.  This will damage the card and a fee will be assessed.





Photo Guidelines

  • Must be a recent photo (taken within 1 year).
  • The photo must be in color taken against a plain background.
  • Photo must be from the top of shoulders to top of head with some blank space above the head and top edge of the photo (similar to a passport photo).
  • Photo must be straight-on and eyes looking directly at the camera.
  • No hats, earbuds, sunglasses, red-eye, filters, props, additional persons, and jewelry or garments that obstruct a clear view of the face.
  • JPEG, PNG or GIF format only.
  • Photo file size cannot exceed 300MB.
Why do I need to submit my government-issued ID?

Your government-issued ID is used to verify your identity. The photo will be securely stored and once your submission is accepted by us, it will be deleted. Examples of accepted government issued IDs include drivers licenses, passports, and state-issued IDs.

Why do I need a ONEcard?

The identification card may be used to access such services and facilities as residence halls, parking and fitness centers, student activities and voting, the dispensary and student health services, athletic facilities and events, dining meals and points, laundry, and copiers with UD1 FLEX. Your ONEcard is needed for building access on campus. Students living on campus will need their ONEcard for access to Residence Halls and Dining. Students who are not residing in on-campus housing will still need a ONEcard to enter the Library, Student Centers, the gym, and other buildings.

The library and University Bookstore systems are interfaced to read the ONEcard. You can use your card to check books out of the library or pay for books at the bookstore (whether with FLEX or from a scholarship or student loan disbursement to your student account).

Eligibility for these applications is determined by cardholder classification (determined by the Office of the Registrar/Human Resources) and account balance.

As of December 1, 2020, a valid UD ONEcard and daily COVID-19 screening are required for building entry, including access to Student Centers. If you were previously issued an ID Card, you were not selected for this program—you can contact the ID Card Office with any questions (id-card@udel.edu).

How will I get my ONEcard?

Once you have submitted your photo, be on the lookout for an email regarding the acceptance or denial of your photo submission. Once your photo submission has been approved, your card will be created. Please note: only on-campus students will be receiving their physical card at this time.

Students moving into residence halls

You will be receiving your ONEcard student ID in your welcome package when you move into your Residence Hall. You will need your ONEcard to access your Residence Hall, use your dining plan, and to gain access to certain buildings on campus.

Students who are not moving into residence halls

Most off campus students will not need their ONEcard during the fall semester as it is used primarily for Residence Hall access and dining plans. Therefore, we encourage students who are not residing in a Residence Hall to hold off on picking up their ONEcard student ID until spring semester. However, students who feel they need their card can pick it up by scheduling an appointment with the ID Card Office. When scheduling an appointment, select “Pre-printed ONEcard pick-up”.

Students who do not pick up their ONEcard this fall will receive further instructions for picking up their ONEcard in the spring.


First Issued ONEcard: No Charge

Damaged Card (Surrendered at time of Replacement): $10

Lost/Stolen Card: $25

Defective: Waived if card is determined to be defective without damage

Questions? Contact Us!

Email: id-card@udel.edu

Phone: 302-831-CARD (2273)

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