Francis Alison Faculty Award Recipients

Mary Dozier Photo 2016 Mary Dozier
Psychological and Brain Sciences
Cecil Dybowski Photo 2015 Cecil Dybowski
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Abraham Lenhoff Photo 2014 Abraham Lenhoff
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Paul C. Quinn Photo 2013 Paul C. Quinn
Professor, Psychology
Joel Best Photo 2012 Joel Best
Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice
Roberta Golinkoff Photo 2011 Roberta Golinkoff
H. Rodney Sharp Chair, School of Education
David L. Kirchman Photo 2010 David L. Kirchman
Maxwell P. and Mildred H. Harrington Professor, Marine Biosciences in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment
Lynn Snyder-Mackler Photo 2009 Lynn Snyder-Mackler
Alumni Distinguished Professor of Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy
Chin-Pao Huang Photo 2008 Chin-Pao Huang
Donald C. Phillips Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mark J. Miller Photo 2007 Mark J. Miller
Emma Smith Morris Professor, Political Science & International Relations
George W. Luther III Photo 2006 George W. Luther III
Maxwell P. and Mildred H. Harrington Professor of Marine Studies, Marine Studies
George Hadjipanayis Photo 2005 George Hadjipanayis
Chairperson and Richard B. Murray Professor of Physics, Physics & Astronomy
Mark A. Barteau Photo 2004 Mark A. Barteau
Robert L. Pigford Chair, Chemical Engineering
Leo Lemay Photo 2003 Leo Lemay
H. F. du Pont Winterthur Professor, English Literature
Peter Kolchin Photo 2002 Peter Kolchin
Henry Clay Reed Professor, History
Tsu-Wei Chou Photo 2001 Tsu-Wei Chou
P.S. du Pont Chair, Mechanical Engineering
George C. Hsiao Photo 2000 George C. Hsiao
Carl Rees Professor, Mathematical Sciences
John S. Boyer Photo 1999 John S. Boyer
E. I. du Pont Professor, Marine Studies
Carol Hoffecker Photo 1998 Carol Hoffecker
Richards Professor Emerita, History
Donald Peters Photo 1997 Donald Peters
Amy Rextrew Professor, Individual and Family Studies
Donald Sparks Photo 1996 Donald Sparks
S. Hallock du Pont Chair, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Frank Scarpitti Photo 1995 Frank Scarpitti
Edward F. and Elizabeth Goodman Rosenberg Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice
John Rosenberger Photo 1994 John Rosenberger
Alumni Distinguished Professor, Animal and Food Sciences
Stanley Sandler Photo 1993 Stanley Sandler
Henry Belin du Pont Chair, Chemical Engineering
Burnaby Munson Photo 1992 Burnaby Munson
C. Eugene Bennett Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry
John R. Mather Photo 1991 John R. Mather
Professor, Geography
T.W. Fraser Russell Photo 1990 T.W. Fraser Russell
Allan P. Colburn Professor, Chemical Engineering and Energy Conservation
Carroll E. Izard Photo 1989 Carroll E. Izard
Trustees Distinguished Professor, Psychology
Henry L. Shipman Photo 1988 Henry L. Shipman
Annie Jump Cannon Chair, Physics and Astronomy
John C. Kraft Photo 1987 John C. Kraft
H. Fletcher Brown Professor Emeritus, Geology
Julio da Cunha Photo 1986 Julio da Cunha
Professor, Art and University Honors Program
Roberta Colman Photo 1985 Roberta Colman
Willis F. Harrington Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Wayne Craven Photo 1984 Wayne Craven
H.F. du Pont Winterthur Professor Emeritus, Art History
Gerard Mangone Photo 1983 Gerard Mangone
University Research Professor of International and Maritime Law, Marine Studies
Arthur B. Metzner Photo 1982 Arthur B. Metzner
H. Fletcher Brown Professor Emeritus, Chemical Engineering
John A Monroe Photo 1981 John A Monroe
H. Rodney Sharp Professor Emeritus, History
William I. Homer Photo 1980 William I. Homer
H. Rodney Sharp Professor Emeritus, Art History
Robert Pigford Photo 1979 Robert Pigford
Professor, Chemical Engineering