What to Bring

New Arrivals in Delaware – Packing List

Here is a list of things that might help you in packing – it is by no means a complete and comprehensive list. Do bring whatever else you feel necessary. The list was prepared based on what most graduate students have brought with them in the past, but it varies quite a bit from person to person.

A few sweaters/pullovers/cardigans
A few pairs of formal clothing (suit-for job interviews and functions)
Light Jacket for fall
A heavy winter jacket and a snow boot here


Contact students in your department regarding these. You can bring couple books that you think you will need here.

Visa Documents: I-20 or J-1 (keep at least two photocopies)
Degree and other certificates
All university related correspondence
Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap. NO Deodorant, NO Cutlery…
A change of clothing (in case if you need to spend a few days without your suitcases)
Medicines you might need (headache, stomach, fever, etc)
Address book with names/numbers/addresses of contacts here. Also note down your I-20 or J-1 and passport numbers
Traveler’s checks serial numbers, etc.


Cash- not more than $300 and bigger than $20 bills
At least $2 in quarters (25 cents coins) or get dollar bills ($1 etc)


Make several photocopies of your important documents and keep them in separate bags.Keep two copies in your handbag.
Get as many transcripts as you can.
Make sure your travel-related documents (I-20, passport) are on you all the time.


Keep in mind the time zone differences when catching flights. Keep track of local time at the airports.
Never hesitate to approach airline personnel for help with flight information and other matters related to the trip.


Here is a list of some apartments and some basic information about housing in Newark. You can rent either an apartment or a room. Term of the lease should be at least 6 months if you are not an ELI student. If you are an ELI student, you can rent a room for 2 months – a class term at the Studio Green Apartments. Generally, rent includes water and heat and doesn’t include electricity, cable and internet. In some apartments rent includes all utilities (heat, water, electricity, cable, internet…). There is approximate cost of utilities for an apartment:
Electricity: $25 – $40 for winter, $60 – $100 for summer (A/C, etc..)
Internet: $30 – $60
Cable (TV): $30 – $100+
Phone: $30 (generally people don’t need because everybody has cell phone)
Internet+cable+phone: $80 – $100+
Pinebrook Apartments: Rent range is between $700 and $1100. There are two options; 1 Bedroom, 1 Living Room (There is also a small room that can be used for study room or second bedroom), 2 Bedroom, 1 Living Room. Walking distance to university or Main Street is 20-30 minute. There is also a shuttle bus which takes you to campus for fall and spring semesters.
Studio Green: There are different types of apartments from studio (just a living room, kitchen and bathroom) to 4+1 options. Either you can rent an apartment or a room. Walking distance to university is about 20 minute and there is also shuttle bus during the semesters. Rent range is between $700 and $1200 and includes all utilities.
Colonial Garden Apartments: There are 1+1 and 2+1 options. It is on the East Main Street and walking distance to university is 10-15 minute. Rent range is between $800-$1200.