Sakai will be retired on December 21, 2018 at NOON. You will no longer be able to log in or use Sakai as your LMS.

To avoid data loss, download or migrate all data you wish to keep before December 15, 2018.

Alternatives for Project Sites

As part of the retirement of Sakai, owners of Sakai project sites will need to preserve or move the site content to an alternative platform if they wish to keep the site active.  Canvas is intended for purposes directly related to courses and teaching.  If you feel Canvas is the appropriate platform for your project site, complete the Canvas Sandbox Site Request Form and provide justification for using Canvas in the form Notes.  You will be contacted regarding your request.

Consider these tasks to migrate your project site:

  • Review current site activities and evaluate the alternative solutions to Sakai project sites below.
  • Export a list of site members and their roles if needed.
  • Determine which alternative solution is best suited to your project and consult with the appropriate help resources to set up your new space.
  • Inform members of your project site of the new platform for your work and share any documentation they may need.
  • Preserve any files or other content you wish to keep.  Upload them to the new project site platform.

Google Apps offers similar storage and collaborative tools to Sakai and should meet the needs of most project sites.  For more information visit Google Apps at UD.  Use the following recommendations to determine which solution is best suited for your project based on the Sakai tools used or the primary project site activity:

Primary Sakai Tool Project Site Activity Alternative Tool/Platform
Resources Distribute Files/Collaborate to Create and Share Files Google Drive
Resources Distribute Large Files UD DropBox
Quizzes Administer Assessments or Surveys Google Drive with Google Forms, Qualtrics
Calendar Organize and Share Events and Calendars Google Calendar
Wiki Create Web Pages and Content Google Sites
Forums Discuss and Share Ideas Google Groups

If you do not plan to migrate your project site to an alternative platform but want to keep the content, please remember to download all materials to another storage location prior to December 15, 2018, to avoid data loss.

IMPORTANT:  Different platforms and tools are approved for different types of data storage. If you are working with university data classified as Restricted or Critical, be sure to review Data Management at the Secure UD website.

If you have any questions or concerns or need help migrating your Sakai project site, contact the T2C Team at the Faculty Commons (116 Pearson Hall,, 302-831-0640).

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