If you are still teaching in Sakai this last semester or even if you’ve been teaching in Canvas for a while now, it’s still a good idea to double- or triple-check that you have fully completed your transition from Sakai.  Here is a list of some specific action items you should be sure to check off:

#1 Have you reviewed all courses you previously taught in Sakai?

If not, do this soon!  Sakai and any course materials or student data saved in Sakai courses will no longer be available to you after noon on December 21, 2018.   Please take the time to review all of your Sakai courses even if you have not used Sakai for several semesters. If necessary, either migrate your course materials to Canvas or export to your computer using the Sakai Upload-Download Multiple Resources tool.

#2 Have you saved or migrated any content in Sakai that you might need in the future?

Yes, this sounds a lot like the previous action item, but it is very important to remember that you will not have access to Sakai after noon on December 21, 2018.  So even if you think you might not teach that course again, you might like to have the content to re-use or share with a colleague.

#3 If you taught any courses in Sakai recently, have you saved all the grade materials from those courses?

Have students asked you about writing reference letters?  Has a student ever had an academic complaint? Do you use past student submissions as references?  If you use Sakai Assignments to collect student submissions or the Sakai gradebooks to store grade information, download those submissions and export your gradebooks!  Both Sakai Gradebook and Gradebook2 allow you to export a gradebook in multiple formats. Remember, grade material should be saved securely according to FERPA . For more information about your FERPA obligations, visit http://www1.udel.edu/registrar/policies-procedures/ferpa-summary.html

IT Security also offers assistance regarding how to store data at their Managing data confidentiality site.

#4 Do you have any incomplete student grades in your recent Sakai courses?

If any students in a recent Sakai course has an incomplete grade, you need to address how they will complete the work.  If the assignment is an online assignment, such as an electronic submission or online test, you will need to make alternate arrangements with those students.

#5 If you used the Sakai to Canvas migration tool, did you review your Canvas staging site?

The migration tool has  made the transition easier for many users, but it migrates only three Sakai tools:  Resources, Assignments, and Tests and Quizzes. If you have content in other tools that you want to keep, you will have to migrate that content manually.  For example, if you attached files in Announcements or Schedule that were not in your Resources, those files are not migrated. The Migration Guide can provide additional assistance if needed.

#6 Have you transitioned your project sites to an alternative tool?

Many Sakai project sites are not used for courses and teaching, and those sites will not be supported in Canvas.  So if you have one of these project sites, you may want to download and store the data or migrate the site to alternative platform to keep it active. Visit https://sites.udel.edu/t2c/alternative-project-sites/ for more information.

#7 Have you downloaded any files in your personal Sakai workspace?

Not everybody may have stored files in the private workspace associated with your Sakai account, but if you did, do not forget to download them.
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