Safe Space Agreement

The Swing Dance Club at the University of Delaware Code of Conduct and Safer Spaces Policy


Code of Conduct


Here at The Swing Dance Club at UD, we strive to create a safe space in which everyone is welcome and accepted.  We welcome dancers of all levels, and all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical appearance, nationality, socioeconomic status, age, mental ability, or physical ability. In order to achieve this for all of our dancers, we require that members and onlookers follow these guidelines:

Since we are being hosted by the University Of Delaware everyone on campus must abide by their code of conduct. You can find this here.  We ask that everyone be considerate of their fellow dancers.  Additionally, as a club, we enforce these policies:

Right to Refusal – Everyone has the right to decline a dance, with or without explanation.  Please do not take it personally if someone says no to a dance with you, for whatever reason.  Nobody owes anybody a dance.  Please keep in mind that at UD Swing, we ask that if you say no to a dance, that you sit that song out.  

Unsolicited Feedback – Do not critique, criticize, or teach on the dance floor.  Social dances are about having fun.  That being said, DO speak up if you are uncomfortable, in pain, or at risk of being hurt.

Aerials, Dips, & Tricks Aerials are not allowed on our social dance floors.  Dips and tricks should only be done between practiced and consenting partners.  Please do not do weight bearing moves, such as deep dips, without verbal consent.  

Connections – Please be considerate of the needs of your partner in terms of closeness, energy level, and connection type.  If you are unsure about your partner’s needs, ask.  Dances are a conversation—talk to each other!  Harassment of any type will not be tolerated.    

Public Displays of Affection – Please refrain from overtly sexualized activities on the dance floor (e.g. grinding, making out, roaming hands).  Dancing can be close, this does not mean it is sexual.  Do not interpret dance connection as attraction.  It is not appropriate to ask your partner out while dancing.  

Firearms and Other Weapons – In compliance with the university’s code of conduct, and for the safety and comfort of our dancers, firearms and other weapons are strictly prohibited from all of our dances and events.  This is regardless of the open carry and concealed carry status of the State of Delaware.      


Safer Spaces Policy

Everyone attending a UD Swing social dance is expected to respect the boundaries of others on and off the dance floor, even outside the scheduled events and venues.  If you are made to feel unsafe or uncomfortable in any way by a fellow attendee, please immediately bring this to the attention of any UD Swing executive board member.

Even if you are not directly involved—if you notice someone is hurting a fellow dancer or causing them to feel unsafe or uncomfortable, we ask that you bring this to the attention of a UD Swing executive board member.  If someone tells you that something you are doing is hurting anyone, or making anyone feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please immediately stop the behavior. 

Anyone who does or says something inappropriate, disrespectful, overtly sexual, illegal, dangerous, or otherwise violates any of the policies set forth here will face consequences up to and including immediate removal from the dance, banning from the club, and legal action.  

We reserve the right to ban individuals from attending our dances and events.  For example, if anyone is: 

  • A convicted sexual offender
  • Currently being tried for a sexual offense
  • Has a Protection from Abuse (PFA) against them
  • Has a restraining order against them

This person will be banned from the club.  Additionally, any person who has been reported for inappropriate and/or criminal behavior by a member of the social dance community may be banned from the club.