Our Women At Work

Nicole Devitt

This past summer I had an internship with Merck in Rahway NJ, working with one of their groups on late-stage drug product development.  The group I was in works a lot with drug formulation (mixing the active ingredient with other components to form a final blend), pressing tablets (putting the final blend into a tablet press to make the pills themselves) and eventually commercializing the process (scaling up from the lab scale to plant level operations).  My project was to move one of their products towards a more continuous manufacturing process, so I got to do a lot hands-on!  I created small-scale blends of drug product and ran them at different tablet press settings and with different amounts of inactive ingredients to come up with a form that would work the best for the commercial scale.  I got to design my own experiments, take data, and present recommendations to the team – as well as wear a full-body respirator 🙂 Safety first!


Julie Giannino

This past summer I had an internship doing bridge design in Maryland. I got to work in the bridge design department and see and work on the design of bridges. In addition to the bridge design, I also got to work on some bridge inspections. This involved climbing around and below bridges and culverts to check all aspects of the bridge. Getting this in-the-field experience was amazing to help me better understand engineering drawings and the parts of bridges!