Why Should I Join?


“When you join SWE you’re joining more than an organization—you’re joining a movement toward equality and opportunity for women in engineering. Our mission is focused but our impact is vast. We provide the resources you need whether you are beginning, resuming, or building your career. We also encourage creative and intelligent girls at an early age to explore the field of engineering. Through such career development and awareness, we are making significant strides—together.” – SWE National Organization


So what are the BENEFITS of joining SWE?

Building skills useful in your career: There are opportunities to plan meetings, hone your public speaking skills, hold an officer position, network and even attend Regional/National Conferences. Being active in a professional organization will show employers that you have the initiative to take on more responsibility than just your classwork.

Exciting outreach opportunities: SWE members love to share our passion for engineering with others – especially K-12 students. We offer lots of volunteer opportunities for our members to get involved and teach young girls about how much fun engineering can be!

Networking: SWE offers many opportunities to make contacts with other engineers, both those at UD and in the community. Meeting other female engineering students and professional members in the area can provide you with role-models (and possibly mentors) and help you learn more about the engineering industry. Take advantage of the chance to learn from both your peers and more experience engineers!

Effect on your career: SWE can help you get a job or change jobs once you’re a Professional member. In addition to our collegiate and the local Professional Section, there are nationwide resources to help you with your job search. Send in your information to the SWE Resume Database or search for jobs in the SWE Career Center online. The annual Career Fair, held during the National Conference, is another great place to find a job.

Fun: It’s fun to get together with SWE friends! Some meetings are technical and some are planned simply for socializing. Take a break from studying and make some new friends!

Information: SWE events, as well as SWE members, are a resource on many issues for women in engineering. Older students, advisers and professional members can supply details about graduate schools, companies, internships and careers. Our local events highlight a variety of topics and more learnings are available through the National website’s webinars.

Time to get to know your peers: It’s hard to get to know your classmates in class and too often, you’ll take classes with only your major. SWE gives you the time and the chance to meet women from all the different engineering disciplines. 

Support: As women engineers and scientists, we can sometimes feel isolated in the classroom or workplace. SWE gives you a feeling of belonging, with members to reassure you that you can succeed.


What are you waiting for? Join SWE@UD today!


Additional Benefits for National Members:

  • Eligibility for scholarships. More than $500,000 is awarded each year
  • SWE Career Center for internship and full-time employment search and career planning.
  • Networking opportunities with practicing women engineers and other collegiates.
  • A support system of peer groups, mentors, advisers, and industry leaders.
  • An opportunity to develop your leadership and management skills
  • Reduced Registration costs for SWE Annual and Regional Conferences.
  • Annual subscription to the award-winning SWE Magazine.
  • …and more! Learn more and find out how to become a National Member here!