Transportation Survey helps improve services

In fall of 2017 we launched the second ever transportation survey. If you participated, thanks! We’re using your feedback to improve how we get around campus quickly and safely.

Bus or carpool one day per week and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20%

Newark has extensive bike paths and bike lanes, with plans to expand the network

Did you know: Carpoolers get parking discounts

Check out the UD Transportation & Parking Services page for details on carpooling discounts, rideshare and more.

Check out RideShare Delaware for free resources to help you plan your commute!

The University of Delaware is a transportation innovator.

Click on the pictures to learn more.

Don't dump your bikes

Over the years we’ve tried to donate, reuse, sell and recycle abandoned bicycles at the end of each semester. So many bikes flood the market, no one will take them. Please, please please take your bike home with you.

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