Environmental science, conservation, innovation, and sustainability have long been embedded in our curricula across many departments.  The Office of Sustainability is committed to facilitating engaged research opportunities for the campus to serve as a living lab, where students play an active role to research, present, and advance solutions to address on-campus sustainability challenges.

Following AASHE STARS AC 8: “Campus as a Living Laboratory”, this program meets the goal of  UD using its infrastructure and operations as as living environments for multidisciplinary learning and applied research that advances sustainability on campus. Students that actively participate in making their campuses more sustainable are well prepared to continue that work in their careers and communities after graduation.

We collaborate with our partners in Facilities, Real Estate, and Auxiliary Services and the individual Colleges to mentor and support students. Using our sustainability interns in addition to partnering with capstone classes and summer researchers within individual departments, these students research  and propose sustainability efforts on campus while also giving these students valuable engaged learning experiences. These students are at the heart of building a culture of sustainability on campus. Below are a list of projects that have used the UD campus as a learning lab to advance sustainability.


Building a sustainability literacy assessment survey for undergraduates. Team members: Carl Nelson-Poteet, Benett Tilves, and Owen Fournier.

Creating a Student Sustainability Guide. Team members: Bailey Probert, Kylie Tugend, Edward Yu, Josh Mintzer, and Anna Strucki.

Assessing the occurrence of non-native invasive English Ivy across campus. Team members: Madi Drew, Josh Koppel, Margaret Schmidt, and Marina Comerford.

Assessing building energy consumption across campus and building a data dashboard for campus evaluation. CISC498 Senior Design Course Project. Team members: Hongbo Wang, Joshua Artis, Junnan Bai, Mikaylia Haskins, Yuqing Pan.


Evaluating potential risk factors and recommendations in bird-window collisions at the University of Delaware. Hannah Kirk. M.A. Energy and Environmental Policy.

Creating a Student Sustainability Guide. Envision Summer Research Program visiting scholar Yasmine Skalli (Ohio State University).

Developing a rapid assessment system for evaluating the energy efficiency of University of Delaware buildings. NSF-REU visiting scholar Agatha Uchi (Rowan University).

Measuring carbon sequestration of the University of Delaware’s Central Campus. Envision Summer Research Program visiting scholar Ekaterina Hampton (Shippensburg University).

Cost benefit analysis for different waste programs at the University of Delaware. Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems, Technology Capstone Class. Team members: Jason Nolasco, Meet Patel, Jake Ostroski, Nicole Musacchio, Heitung Tai.

Identifying sustainability classes across the UD curricula. Team members: Carl Nelson-Poteet, Madi Drew, Bailey Probert, Josh Kopple.


Designing and Implementing the 2022 Transportation Survey. Graduate College summer fellow Meredith Braine

A ten year assessment of UD Scope 1 and 2 emissions for SIMAP reporting. Bradie Crandall

Evaluating sustianble transportation options at the University of Delaware. NSF-REU visiting scholar Mauricio Chavez

An Assessment of AASHE points surrounding academic and administrative categories. Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems, Technology Capstone Class. Team members: Chris Kiely, Olivia May, Patrick O’Brien, Emily Reburn, Michelle Shulkov, and Noah Trungold.

Ekat Hampton (top) and Agatha Uchi (bottom) presenting at the Summer Research Symposium

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