Open and Affordable Teaching Materials Initiative at UD

Students should never have to choose between buying course materials or putting money toward rent, food and savings. By integrating open educational resources (OER) into course syllabi, we can help ensure students have the tools they need to succeed without pushing them into debt and negatively impacting their future.

The UD Library, Museums and Press leads campus efforts to increase the affordability of course materials through the use of open educational resources, open access publications and library collections.
Open educational resources are materials that have been created for teaching purposes and are released free of cost under an open license. These materials can include syllabi, textbooks, lecture notes, simulations, question banks and more. In addition to the cost benefit for students, open materials allow faculty to have more control over how their content aligns with course goals, and to ensure inclusivity in course materials.

If you are a faculty member who wants to reduce costs and improve outcomes for your students, start with your liaison librarian. These individuals can help you locate available materials and let you know what projects have happened in your area of interest. For additional support, the Library also offers Open and Affordable Teaching Materials grants to UD faculty and instructors once a year to help make their courses more affordable.

The Open and Affordable Teaching Materials Initiative at UD is governed by a group of librarians, educational developers, instructional designers, bookstore representatives and faculty.

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