UD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources holds first carbon symposium

UD Sustainability Office Graduate Fellow, Thomas Benson, wins national award

Dec 8, 2022. AASHE announces UD Sustainability Office Graduate Fellow, Thomas Benson, wins Student Sustainability Leadership Award.

Free mobile food pantry combats food insecurity

February 28, 2023. UD Student Diversity and Inclusion and the Food Bank of Delaware offer free food and personal items to the community

UD-led study may help dispel ‘range anxiety’ of drivers considering an EV

Global Land Rush

February 2, 2023. UD professors examine how foreign land investments impact biodiversity across the planet

Penguins, robots, the ocean and more
January 26, 2023. UD researchers among scientists in Antarctica conducting fieldwork on penguins, ocean currents

UD coastal research draws fresh federal focus

January 24, 2023. New Water Resources Development Act expands potential partnerships with Army Corps of Engineers

Tackling plastic waste

Engineering microbes to break down non-recyclable plastics

Preparing for a changing climate

 UD civil engineers lead research to examine models for coastal readiness at U.S. military bases

Dig into nutrition

December 23, 2022. UD helps Red Clay School District take nutrition education to the garden

Climate-smart farming

UD’s Kent Messer explores how to speed up farmers’ adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices

The impact of highway construction

December 09, 2022. UD’s Nina David examines impact of I-95 construction in Wilmington

Working with nature

November 22, 2022. UD researchers explore ways to protect coastal shorelines — naturally

Nature impacts communities

November 18, 2022. UD’s Biden School helps develop City of Lewes resiliency and flooding recommendations

Improving Kenya’s crop yield

November 16, 2022. UD researchers explore ways to grow more corn despite climate change

From Tanzania to Delaware

October 29, 2022. Plant and soil sciences graduate student Shem Elias conducts research on ginger to take home to Tanzania

The new energy frontier

October 19, 2022. UD launches Center for Clean Hydrogen to accelerate sustainable energy technology development

Bringing the Amazon home

October 14, 2022. Delaware Teachers Institute trip to Peruvian Amazon inspires lessons in Delaware schools

Into the woods

October 11, 2022. UD junior interns with Delaware Forest Service to track invasive insects

Rebuilding plants’ defenses

October 10, 2022. Prof. Erin Sparks uses synthetic biology to investigate plants’ ability to protect against environmental stress

Wind energy conference

Article by Adam Thomas Photo by Kathy F. Atkinson October 04, 2022
UD hosts North American Wind Energy Academy’s international conference

Fast-melting ice may contribute to ocean acidification

September 29, 2022. UD’s Wei-Jun Cai and collaborators find correlation between Arctic meltwater and changing ocean chemistry

Coastal community resilience

September 20, 2022. UD’s Disaster Research Center awarded $16.5 million to study interplay between resilience, equity and economic prosperity

Fighting climate change with wastewater?

September 13, 2022
UD Prof. Wei-Jun Cai proposes adding alkaline materials to sewage discharge

Green Jobs

August 29, 2022. UD showcases possibilities throughout the state for students from Wilmington program

Surface impact of offshore wind turbines

July 12, 2022. UD study looks to see if offshore wind farms would impact surface weather

At sea in Antarctica

 June 16, 2022. Two University of Delaware undergraduates helped with polar research

Green infrastructure

June 13, 2022. Delaware Sea Grant partners with Delaware Technical Community College to give students hands-on experience

Hailing monarchs

June 10, 2022. UD’s Michael Crossley investigates impact of herbicides and warming temperatures on breeding trends in monarch butterflies

Food insecurity

June 09, 2022. Despite sufficient crop harvests, UN food security goal remains elusive

How do microplastics affect Delaware’s blue crabs?

May 19, 2022. Doctoral student studies possible threats to mid-Atlantic crab

U Don’t Need It is back

May 13, 2022. Student move-out and reuse program scheduled May 24-June 10 on STAR Campus

From trash to treasure

May 06, 2022. Research at UD explores ways to transform, reuse textile waste

Improving fuel cells

May 04, 2022. UD engineers, international researchers find new catalyst to improve fuel cell materials

A bright star in solar energy research

May 02, 2022. UD’s Institute of Energy Conversion marks 50 years of solar advances

Salt marshes – the climate change connection

April 26, 2022
Wetlands keep carbon out of the atmosphere

Earth Day 2022: Investing in Our Future
The Establishment of an Office of Sustainability!

April 22, 2022. A message from President Dennis Assanis

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