Departments & Programs

Teaching Tomorrow’s Sustainability Leaders

UD offers a variety of social, economic and environmental majors and minors with a focus on sustainability, or that can lead into graduate-level work in sustainability.  Use the Major Finder to explore your possible academic path.  


Arts and Sciences

B.A. in Public Policy with a Concentration in Environmental Sustainability

B.S. in Environmental Science (various concentrations)

M.A. in Geography with a Concentration in Climatology

Graduate Certificate in Socially Responsible Sustainable Apparel Business

Minor in Sustainable Energy Technology

Minor in Energy and Environmental Policy

Agriculture and Natural Resources

B.A. in Environmental and Resource Economics with Concentration in Sustainable Development

Earth, Ocean, and Environment

B.S. in Environmental Science with Concentration in Atmospheric Science

B.A. in Environmental Studies with Concentration in Environment, Society and Sustainability

M.S. in Climatology

Ph.D. in Climatology


Minor in Civil and Environmental Engineering – Environmental Sustainability

Minor in Civil and Environmental Engineering – Sustainable Infrastructure

Center for Energy and Environmental Policy

B.S. in Energy and Environmental Policy

M.A. in Energy and Environmental Policy

Ph.D. in Energy and Environmental Policy

Scholarly Resources

A comprehensive pool of resources for sustainability research can be found on the UD Library’s website.  Click the button below for more information.

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