The How-To Sustainability Guide at UD
UD Campus: the buildings, the landscape
Using buildings better can have a massive impact.
Who do I tell about the broken __________?
Report all maintenance issues so we can fix them! Don’t forget to include the building and room number.
I can't control energy on campus, how can I save it?
Did you know that phone chargers are still on – full-blast – when your phone is unplugged? These “plug load” energy vampires can represent up to 30% of a building’s electric consumption! Turn off electronics when you’re not using them – anything with a screen or status light.
It's too hot / cold in my building!
If the temperature inside is really out of whack, email and let them know your building AND room number. This is a high-priority issue for Facilities.

A little too cold? Keep a jacket handy or try a pair of bicycle pedals under your desk instead of a space heater. Too hot? Refill a reusable water bottle with cold water, and you’ll be more comfortable and more hydrated. Use a water filter instead of buying bottled water to save money and reduce waste!

I need a recycling bin
UD Recycle bins are available or provided to most of the campus community, but maybe we missed you!

  • Students can request a bin through their RAs or Resident Hall representatives.
  • Staff can access bins here
Campus Life
Because you, your words, your deeds matter.
Can I recycle _____________ on campus?
The state of Delaware has a single-stream recycle system, which means all the recycling goes in one bin. No sorting! The exceptions are batteries, CFL light bulbs and ink cartridges. Check out our Waste page to learn how to recycle on campus.
What about chemical use on campus?
UD takes chemical use seriously:

  • Follow all training for any chemical use in labs.
  • All available cleaning products are Green Certified.
  • Fertilizers and pesticides are used in minimum amounts on an as-needed basis
  • Our grounds crews innovated pre-treatment techniques to reduce salt and de-icers required to keep our winter campus safe and accessible.

We take storm water runoff very seriously

How do I get involved in sustainability on campus?
There are lots of options on our Volunteer page. You can also:

  • Join the Sustainability Task Force, a volunteer organization that drives sustainability action on campus.
  • Apply for Green Grants to implement your idea on campus.
  • Take a class, major, or minor in a related field.
  • Internships are available at the beginning of each semester, check Handshake.
  • Join a student group with a sustainability focus.
Top 5 Sustainability Tips!
    1. The food you choose has probably the largest impacts on local and global resources, land use and economics. For sustainability, here’s some good advice: “Eat [unprocessed] food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” – Michael Pollan
    2. BYO bottle! Save money at all local cafes or convenience stores. You’ll be reducing single-use plastic consumption, which is one of the top categories most wasted and least recycled on campus.
    3. Newark water is clean but sometimes not super tasty. Instead of buying bottled water, get a water filter instead. You’ll save money and reduce single-use plastic consumption.
    4. “No _____ please.” In UD Dining Halls a lot of meals are served as a plate, but sometimes we don’t want one of the included items. You can ask servers to leave that unwanted item off your plate. Not only will you have a more appetizing meal, you’ll reduce unnecessary food waste.
    5. Clean commute! Did you know that more than half of UD students walk, bike or bus to campus everyday? If you live a bit farther afield, check out your local transit options. UD is working hard to better connect our Campus Buses with DART, SEPTA, AMTRAK and more so you can get to campus as quickly as possible.

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