University of Delaware Green Grants Program

University of Delaware Green Grants Program

University of Delaware Green Grants Program

University of Delaware Green Grants Program

Vision Statement

The Green Grants program will facilitate an increased level of competence, engagement and a heightened sense of ownership over the University’s goals to reduce campus carbon emissions and create a culture of sustainability. By supporting sustainability projects, Green Grants will contribute to a culture that recognizes the complex interactions of people, planet, and profit.

Mission Statement

The Green Grants program will provide information and implement outreach efforts among students, faculty and staff to increase campus awareness and support for sustainability initiatives. Green Grants will attract, assess and implement high quality sustainability projects on the UD campus based on student interests, desires and academic or community service.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of applying for a Green Grant, students will be able to:

  1. Articulate the impact of individual actions on environmental sustainability.
  2. Apply research to the planning and implementation of sustainability development projects.

Brought to you by the Sustainability Task Force

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Congrats to This Year's Green Grants Recipients!

This year we received some truly excellent applications. So excellent, in fact, that the Green Grants committee decided to fund TWO initiatives! Congratulations to this year’s grant recipients:

Colburn Labs Green Roof Assessment & Design

$3,000 to assess the current state of the Colburn Green Roof (a previous Green Grants project) and lay out a design for future maintenance, upgrades and upkeep.

Native Meadow

$7,000 to plant and help maintain a meadow of Native flowers and/or grasses, in coordination with Students for the Environment (S4E) and the UD Grounds Department. Keep your eyes peeled in 2018 for this project, which will support biodiversity, pollinators and our local ecology!

The Application Window is currently CLOSED

This semester we accepted proposal briefs through June 9th and full applications through June 30th. Stay tuned for updates on this year’s Green Grants winners!

To Qualify:

  • Projects must promote, educate or address issues of sustainability on the University of Delaware campus(es).
    • Sustainability addresses environmental, social and economic issues.
  • Current University of Delaware students may apply individually or in teams; partnerships with faculty and/or staff are strongly encouraged, and in some instances will be required to proceed with funding.
    • Undergraduate applicants are required to identify a faculty or staff mentor for their proposed project.
  • Projects must be completed within one year from the date that funding is allocated.
    • Multiple-year projects will be considered, but only one year of funding will be awarded per successful application. Additional years will require additional applications.
  • Funding for individual projects will not exceed $10,000.00

Rethinking Laird's Landscape



Sustainable landscapes can restore ecological benefits within our urbanized world. This project cultivates public awareness and appreciation of sustainable landscaping on Laird Campus through an attractive, ecologically productive site and interpretive signage. $4,780 funded in 2010.


Colburn Green Roof



Constructed a green roof above the classroom in Room 102 in Colburn Laboratory in the College of Engineering in order to regulate indoor temperature, reduced storm water runoff, and reduced CO2  emissions. Green Grants ($7.5k), the UD Energy Institute ($10k) and DENIN ($40k) all contributed funds in 2010-2011.

Growing a Greener UD


Cultivated an organic garden on the grounds of the English Language Institute (ELI) building at 189 W. Main St. to provide the community with the joys of gardening and interacting. They offer free gardening and food workshops to UD and the public. Managed by the UD Food and Gardening Policy Committee, with graduate and undergraduate students; Chad Nelson (Professor of Landscape Design) is the Faculty Advisor. $3,000 funded in 2011.


Creating a Floodplain Wetland


Cool Run is listed by the US EPA as an impaired water body for nutrients, dissolved oxygen, bacteria, and sediments. The UD WATER internship team has recommended increasing the number and acreage of wetlands throughout the watershed. This project replaces low-producing pasture with a healthy, functioning floodplain wetland that reduces the University's pollutant load to the White Clay Creek by filtering stormwater runoff. $5,000 funded in 2010.

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