Internet Search Engine on University computers supports tree planting

Beginning in Fall of 2023, the Office of Sustainability and the Office of Information Technologies teamed up with Ecosia to combat climate change and promote biodiversity by supporting reforestation. The trees planted help absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, improve soil quality, and provide habitat for wildlife.

Ecosia is a search engine that uses its profits to plant trees. Ecosia generates revenue through advertising, similar to other search engines, but it uses the income to finance tree planting projects around the world. The search engine is known for its commitment to environmental sustainability and transparency. Ecosia partners with various tree planting organizations worldwide. The funds generated from user searches contribute to planting trees in areas affected by deforestation, environmental degradation, or where reforestation is needed.

Ecosia is currently installed on the IT managed computer labs as the default search engine.  You can download it on your individual machine to increase the UD impact.  Just click on the following link ( and if your computer is located within the UD campus roaming IP address location, your searches will be logged to our running total.


Number of UD Internet Searches from Ecosia Search Engine

As of 3/28/24

Number of Planted Trees UD has Financed Through Ecosia

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