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Your source for information and details about our 2017-2018 AAASHE STARS submission

Receive an email from 'UDelSustainability@gmail.com"? THAT'S US!

We’re using a Google Team Drive to coordinate multiple intern teams over multiple semesters and breaks. We’ll keep all of your communications well-organized throughout this process.


AASHE = “Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education”

STARS = “Sustainability Tracking and Rating System”

  • It’s the top sustainability report and platform for institutes of higher education.
  • Over 1,000 colleges and universities have submitted STARS reports!

Why UD?

Lots of reasons:

  • UD does some great work in Sustainability, let’s get recognition!
  • Let’s benchmark and compete against our peer institutions
  • Let’s recruit and retain the best talent
  • Improve communications and education about sustainability on campus and beyond
  • Strategic planning to best use our resources for maximum impact
  • Ranking and bragging rights!
STARS Guidelines:
  • PUBLIC information only
  • Your participation is 100% voluntary
  • Fiscal Year 2017-2018 please
What is our deadline?

We are giving everyone 1 year to submit answers. Estimate December 2019.
Here’s why:

  1. Some offices have a lot of questions, so some teams need plenty of time.
  2. Everyone has different busy seasons. We want to be flexible with your precious time.
  3. Some information for FY17-18 isn’t available yet (as of Fall 2018), so let’s wait until it’s ready
What if I don't have the info requested?

Don’t worry! Just skip that question!

AASHE STARS is such a big and comprehensive report that no one has *all* of the answers. But it also let’s us shine in our unique way. So only answer questions when:

  • The information is readily handy
  • Gathering the information is beneficial to your office or department

Keep in mind that we’ll submit AASHE STARS reports every 3-5 years, so if you think information will be helpful for you over time, consider gathering it now or in the future. If you miss a question this time, you can answer it next time and get more points!

MOST IMPORTANTLY – we do not want this to be a huge stress on your time or resources. This is 100% voluntary so do your best with what you have at hand.

Can UD Sustainability help us?

Of course! UD Sustainability has a team of interns dedicated to the AASHE STARS report.
Interns can:

  • Answer questions for you! We’ll use your annual reports to answer STARS questions, then double-check the answers with you.
  • Help you navigate STARS questions. Ask us anything and we’ll research the STARS Technical Manual for you.
  • Follow up with you at times and frequencies of your choosing with friendly reminders to keep you on track. We know how easily things can fall off the radar

The interns are supervised by UD’s Sustainability Manager, so anything they can’t tackle will go right to the top.

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