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  1. Hello Sue,
    I am a friend who sent your website to me. I am involved with the Green Sanctuary Team at our church and with Delaware Interfaith Power and Light, which is part of a national IPL of churches of all denominations that are concerned about global climate change and act to educate others on lifestyle changes, energy conservation, alternative energy, and legislative issues.

    I am writing you because I have a typical colonial home in the Wynnwood development in the suburbs north of Wilmington. I would like to convert a good portion of my lawn to a more sustainable landscape, but do not want to violate county regulations nor be so different that I turn off my neighbors from trying to do the same. Also, I am 68 years old and need a landscape that won’t require heavy yard work as I age. I love to garden, however.

    The residential landscape that you show above is beautiful, but it looks like it belongs to someone with an estate, different zoning, and plenty of money. Would you have suggestions as to resources I could investigate (books, lwebsites, andscape companies knowledgeable in this type of landscaping) that I can use to answer my concerns?

    Also, I missed your most recent “open house” for the public to visit some of these sustainable landscapes. When will you be having another?

    I am so excited about your work and the beautiful examples on the UD campus and elsewhere. It gives me hope that we don’t have to sacrifice beauty for sustainability, but can have both. I would like to share your answers and your work with others at my church.

    Best regards,
    Donna González

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