Choosing Well at UD

We believe in supporting students' ability to maintain control over their choices.

We believe in providing students with resources to help themselves and help their friends make responsible decisions. For example, turning 21 years old is an exciting time, but we believe YOU get to choose if that occasion includes alcohol use. We encourage students to look at the amazing events on our campus for alternative ways to celebrate milestones and holidays, while staying safe. Remember, if you or a friend feels unsafe, needs help, or has an alcohol emergency call 911.

Being Well at UD

UD supports every student’s wellness choices. To maintain wellness, students can:

  • Actively manage their stress
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Be mindful of managing their time
  • Form strong bonds with peers, faculty, and staff
  • Be proactive in using academic resources and assistance
  • Support others’ healthy choices

Did You Know?

Approximately 70% of incoming first-year students drink responsibly or not at all according to AlcoholEdu. In fact, 43% of first-year students don’t even drink!

Your Choices Matter

Our "Map Your Night: Responsible Decision Making" game is an interactive, choose your own adventure style experience that shows you how your choices may impact your night if you choose to drink.


of students agree that if they had too much to drink, they would want a friend to call for help

What Does Responsible Drinking Mean?

  • 4 drinks or fewer for men in one night
  • 3 drinks or fewer for women in one night
  • Eating food before and during
  • Drinking water throughout the night
  • Knowing what you are drinking
  • Pacing yourself
  • Not mixing alcohol with other substances

Be A Blue Hen Friend

Use these bystander intervention strategies to help your fellow Blue Hens if they are in an unsafe situation:

  1. Keep track of each other. Make sure your group gets home safely, and don't leave anyone behind.
  2. Know your VITALS. Recognize the signs of an alcohol emergency and call for help.
  3. When going out with friends, come up with a secret code that signals you need help.
  4. If you see or hear people fighting, immediately call 911.
  5. If something seems creepy, it probably is. Create a distraction to separate the people involved.
  6. If you see someone being pushy, handsy, grabby, or cornering someone, ask someone to step in and help.

Click the image below to scroll through the Blue Hen Strategies visual gallery:

Click the image below to scroll through the VITALS signs of an alcohol emergency visual gallery:



Do You Know the Signs of an Alcohol Emergency?

If you see a fellow Blue Hen experiencing even ONE of these symptoms, get help immediately! You must find an RA or call 911 to qualify for Amnesty. Remember to check for VITALS:

  • Vomiting
  • Irregular Pulse
  • Trouble Breathing
  • Abnormal Skin
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Seizures

Don't forget according to UD Policy, after you call for help you "must remain with and monitor the student’s condition until assistance arrives, and cooperate fully during the medical and investigative process." Learn more about Amnesty here.




If You or Your Friends Choose to Go Out, be Sure to Use these Sweet Tips:

  1. Travel with a group of friends and don’t leave anyone behind
  2. Know where you are going
  3. Avoid drinks from large, open containers
  4. Store emergency numbers in your phone, and use the LiveSafe app to report suspicious activity
  5. Have a plan to get home safely
  6. Set clear boundaries and respect the boundaries of others
  7. Know your drinking limits and stop drinking when you need to.
  8. Stay hydrated by alternating with non-alcoholic drinks
  9. Eat filling foods that have fats and protein
  10. Respect everyone. A sexy outfit is not an invitation for sex.
  11. Respect everyone. Not everyone drinks.


Click to scroll through the Sweet Tips gallery below:



Alcohol and Sexual Assault

  • Alcohol is the most commonly used date rape drug
  • It is illegal and against UD’s code of conduct to use alcohol as a way to get someone to have sex with you.
  • You cannot consent to sex if you are intoxicated.
  • The UD Helpline is 302-831-1001, press 1 for a Sexual Offense Support (S.O.S.) victim advocate
  • If you are a victim of sexual misconduct while you were drinking, you will automatically receive amnesty


of sexual assaults involve alcohol

Want to learn more about making healthy choices on campus?

We care about you, and we want you to care about your fellow Blue Hens. Read this great article about all the resources and support services available to students here at UD:


If you have questions about your use or the use of a friend:

We offer confidential counseling services to help out. We know that you are faced with difficult choices at times when it comes to drug and alcohol use, and it can be helpful to talk about those choices. In our sessions, we can help you achieve the goals that you set. This can mean learning how to drink in a safer way where the likelihood of you experiencing negative consequences from your use can be reduced. We can talk about what safer use is and what it isn’t. And if you decide that you don’t want to use anything anymore, we can help you with that too.

Want to Schedule an Appointment?

You can schedule an appointment by calling our office: 302-831-3457. We are located at 231 S. College Ave (white house next to the library)


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