Choosing Well at UD


We believe in supporting students' ability to maintain control over their choices.

We believe in providing students with resources to help themselves and help their friends make responsible decisions. For example, turning 21 years old is an exciting time, but we believe YOU get to choose if that occasion includes alcohol use. We encourage students to look at the amazing events on our campus for alternative ways to celebrate milestones and holidays, while staying safe. Remember, if you or a friend feels unsafe, needs help, or has an alcohol emergency call 911. UD supports every student’s wellness choices. To maintain wellness, students can: actively manage their stress, get adequate sleep, be mindful of managing their time, form strong bonds with peers, faculty, and staff, be proactive in using academic resources and assistance, and support others’ healthy choices. Click the titles or images below to learn ways to hone skills in all these areas, which includes: looks at topics such as substance use, safer sex, healthy relationships, stress management, and more.