Wellness Resources

Below you’ll find a variety of resources to promote your wellness. These include article reviews, off-campus services and more. You can use the table of contents to the left to navigate to the resource category you are looking for. Check back regularly to see what new or updated resources are listed on this page. We’ll also post on social media when we’ve added new or updated resources to this page.

Tools to Assist Your Wellness Development

Stress Relief

  • Make Your Own Origami Fidget Spinner: This a great study break activity that can help you relieve stress by tapping into your Creative Wellness and then you can use it to reduce stress and improve your Emotional Wellness! Many people say these can help them focus better and/or feel less anxious.
  • Use These Paper Plane Templates to Have a Paper Plane Competition with Friends: A great way to manage your Emotional Wellness during finals while also boosting your Social Wellness is to include friends in your study breaks. One way to do this is to arrange a paper-plane competition. You and your friends can compete to see whose plane stays in the air the longest, which plane flies the farthest distance and give bonus points for any planes that can do stunts.
  • Mandala Coloring App: Does drawing ever relax you? Try downloading the free app called “Mandala Coloring Pages Games” onto your phone. This is a Coloring Book for Adults that is so much fun and can give you a nice break from a long, stressful day. Happy coloring!

Time Management Tools

  • Time Management Matrix PDFThis time management worksheet (also known as the Eisenhower Decision Matrix) makes it super easy to visualize what you have to do throughout each day. First, fill in anything that’s fixed – so your classes, finals, appointments, etc. Be mindful of how much time you need. By using the “4 D’s: Do, Decide, Delegate, or Delete,” this matrix will help you see when things are important versus not important, and urgent versus not urgent, which leads to a better ability to manage tasks, time and prioritizing responsibilities.
  • Study Time Table PDFThis Study Timetable is a 6-week template, it is a great planner for helping you set aside time to study, review, and practice for your exams.
  • Hipster Habit App: This actually isn’t an app, it is a printable, foldable pocket-sized book! The book helps you make new positive habits or break old problematic habits over the course of thirty days, then 60 and then 90.
A December Survival Guide for UD Students

A December Survival Guide for UD Students

What's This Guide For and How Do I Use It? Are you in a winter-slump from final exams coming up and projects due soon? Maybe a little nervous about spending time at home during break? Well, this December Survival...

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Guided Candle Meditation: Sleep Better & De-Stress!

Guided Candle Meditation: Sleep Better & De-Stress!

Why Candle Meditation? Candle meditation has its origins dating back to the time when fire was invented! There are several benefits of candle meditation, including improving sleep quality and reducing insomnia. There are also various mental health benefits...

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Recovery Resources

View the blog posts below to learn more about available resources and services that support students in recovery

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Sexual Violence Resources

View the blog posts below to learn more about available resources and services that support students dealing with issues related to sexual violence

Ride Share Safety Tips from SOS

Ride Share Safety Tips from SOS

Use These Tips for a Safer Ride Share ExperienceWhile safety can never be guaranteed when using ride share services like Uber and Lyft, these tips can help reduce risk:Share your trip with others. Use "Share my ETA" for Uber or "Send ETA" for LyftWait for...

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