collage of photos with UD students and WSS speaker as well as WSS badge featuring the wellness wheel with 9 wellness dimensions and a speaker glyph at a podium

Wellness Speaker Series Mission

Promote inclusivity in addition to wellness by selecting diverse speakers to show students in underrepresented groups that they can feel welcomed at UD.


The Promoters of Wellness peer educators, a student group through our office, hosts an annual Wellness Speaker Series during the spring semester. Approximately 300 students attend the Wellness Speaker Series annually. POW hosts one speaker per month during March, April and May. Funding for the series comes from Student Wellness and a variety of campus partners. Previous cosponsors include: UD Honors Program, Division of Student Life, and the UD Center for Counseling and Student Development. 

Learning Outcomes

While we provide each speaker with a customized set of focus questions, wellness dimensions, and learning outcomes to help them tailor their presentations to our series, we also have three standard learning outcomes for Wellness Speaker Series as a whole:

  1. Students can describe one strategy to help a friend with a mental health related problem
  2. Students can identify one coping strategy to help themselves overcome an obstacle in life
  3. Students can explain one benefit of having a support network in life

Assessment Survey Results

Student Quotes and Feedback

  • Kevin Hines attendee: Thank you so much for helping me meet someone who changed my life for the better!
  • Bria and Chrissy attendee: The fact that UD brought in a lesbian couple to talk about mental illness and sexual violence. As a member of the LGBTQ community and someone who suffers from mental illnesses, it was great to see someone similar to me representing themselves at UD.
  • Aydian Dowling attendee: [I learned] with no love for yourself, you can’t love others.
  • Wesley Hamilton attendee: The fact that he encourages himself to live every day to the fullest is amazing. He makes a choice every morning to be happy and have a great day and I think that is something that all of us can start doing
  • Lisa Rizzo attendee: Loved her and her presentation. I truly did feel inspired to chase my passions and to not let anything get in the way of it, even if that thing is myself.

Data and Stats

  • 100% agreed or strongly agreed: that they enjoyed listening to the presentation, felt Amber Krzys connected well with the audience, and felt inspired by his story (2019 survey)
  • 100% agreed or strongly agreed: that they learned something that will: help my personal wellness, enable me to help a friend, and support my career goals from Ryan Sallans’ presentation (2019 survey)
  • 100% of respondents: demonstrated knowledge acquired from the presentation that met all three learning outcomes (2019 survey)
  • 97% agreed or strongly agreed: that the presentation did a good job covering the intended wellness dimensions: physical, emotional and social (2019 survey)

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