Student Wellbeing Ambassadors

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By creating and sharing digital materials, UD Student Wellbeing Ambassadors will help reduce their peers’ risk of COVID-19 infection by encouraging student engagement in protective factors (such as mask wearing), self-advocacy (such as sticking to party-size limits), and other UD community health efforts (such as completing the daily symptom checker).

Position Description

Under the supervision of Student Wellness and Health Promotion (SWHP), the primary responsibility of a Student Wellbeing Ambassador is to design, implement and facilitate engaging educational content related to COVID-19 harm reduction to meet the needs of a diverse UD student community during the pandemic.


Important Resources and Reminders

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Be sure to follow us on Instagram @UDWellnessAmbassadors and @LiveWellUDel to see our latest social media posts to reduce harm associated with the risk of COVID-19 spread and infection. Featured on this page are some of our most recent posts and our latest podcast episode.

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A Podcast Mini-Series by Students, for Students.

This semester we’ll be featuring twice monthly episodes scripted and hosted by our ambassadors. Below you can listen to the latest episode, or you can catch the series on Spotify:

Featured work from May:

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Living through a pandemic is tough. It is totally normal to not feel yourself during these times. Protect the Flock in AND out of the nest! Whether you are spending time on Main Street in Newark or in your hometown, remember to follow local COVID-19 regulations: Follow establishment guidelines, Get tested before and after traveling, Get vaccinated and Mask up, avoid crowds, and remain 6 ft away from anyone who did not travel with you. Your actions are important for keeping your fellow Blue Hens safe even when you leave campus. All UD students are now eligible in Delaware to get vaccinated. After a trip, the best policy is to self-quarantine and get tested 3-5 days after you get home. You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than getting a blood clot from the J&J vaccine. As of April 25th, 15 people out of over 8 million have developed blood clots after receiving the J&J vaccine (CDC). This is less likely than getting struck by lightning (523 people in 8 million, National Weather Service). More importantly, the J&J vaccine is effective against getting or transmitting COVID-19 (CDC). I had COVID-19. Should I still get vaccinated?” Yes! You can get COVID-19 again (CDC) and the vaccine prevents not only you from getting sick, but transmitting it to others who could get very sick. Plan your vaccine dates smartly (on the weekend, on an “off” day), and view your shot as doing your part to Protect the Flock! Most final dose vaccine responses are very mild cold/flu symptoms, and many people still feel well enough to get some work done. UDance is a tradition at the University of Delaware. The student body comes together to raise money “For the Kids” for the fight against childhood cancer. This event is usually a 12- hour long philanthropic event at the Bob Carpenter Center, but this year things look a little different due to the pandemic. This year UDance will be on April 25, 2021; kicks off at 9:00 am and concludes at 9:00 pm. Protect the Flock wanted to thank you for staying safe, while being able to participate and raise money & awareness against childhood cancer. Getting bored in isolation? Check out more ways to have fun during isolation! Circling back to the quarantine crew’s podcast where they interviewed friends to find out more about how they spent their time in isolation. Try out new recipes! Pick up creating vision boards! Ask friends and family about TV shows and movie recommendations on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming platforms! Try painting for fun! Check out our podcast for more ways to have fun on Spotify (Blue Hen Wellbeing Community). With the dining halls opening again, the UD community should follow this dining hall safety checklist! Following the list above will help keep our UD community safe: use the sanitation stations, don’t move chairs or table arrangements, choose grab and go options, eat outdoors when possible, mask up after eating.

Featured work from April:

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There are tons of places you can go by foot or by car to enjoy the sunshine while social distancing. Make sure you continue to mask up when you are around others outside your household. Lum’s Pond – walking and running trails (20 minute drive from campus)  & Newark Rail Trails – paved trail circles campus and leads into White Clay  Clay Creek State Park – trails start behind Laird Campus Laird Campus – Basketball and Tennis Courts Harrington Campus – Beach Volleyball Courts Fair Hill – miles of nature trails in Elkton, MD (15-20 minute drive from campus)Newark Reservoir – paved walking path & nature trail (5 minute walk from campus). Additionally, sometimes it can be uncomfortable to tell someone else that you are uncomfortable. Whether you are in a public space or outside with a friend, your feelings and comfort are valid too. Here’s a few polite ways to ask someone to wear their mask. “Do you mind wearing your mask too?”“I would feel more comfortable if you wore a mask.”“Do you need a mask?”“I might have an extra mask if you don’t have one.”  BIG NEWS: All UD students are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Delaware, regardless of if you are a state resident. Even if you got the first dose in another state, you are eligible to get the second dose in Delaware as a UD student. To sign up, visit and add your name to the waitlist.  Even if you aren’t worried about getting sick, being vaccinated ensures the safety of your friends, family, classmates, co-workers, teachers, and community members. Protect the flock!

Featured work from March:

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Remember to clean frequently used surfaces in your dorm, apartment, or bedroom and use the mentioned tips to ensure you are properly disinfecting! Discover more tips at Additionally, it’s important that we recognize all members of our Blue Hen Community, who are working to keep our campus healthy and safe. And as the spring and its beautiful weather begin to come (Sun’s out, fun’s out.), remember to go out and enjoy the campus while following COVID-19 guidelines like wearing a mask even when you are gathering outdoors. Stay busy while continuing to stay safe!

Featured work from February:

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Student Learning Aspirations

Program Goal

The overarching goal of this project is to reduce students’ risk of COVID-19 infection by leveraging peer-based public health, health promotion and prevention approaches to increase student safety and decrease the risk of infection within the student community at UD, both on UD campuses and within the communities in which UD students are currently residing.

Learning Outcomes

General Student Population
  1. Students increase their engagement in protective factors around COVID-19 infection.
  2. Students increase their self-advocacy around their health and wellbeing.
  3. Students increase their awareness of community health guidelines.
  4. Students increase their understanding of the impact their actions have on others.
Student Wellbeing Ambassadors
  1. Students apply health and wellness knowledge to assist themselves or a friend.
  2. Students value leading their peers to improve their health and wellness.