Weekly Recovery Yoga

Recovery Yoga begins on September 5th and will take place every Wednesday at 7pm!

Our belief is that teaching yoga is a tool for personal change and mental healing. We strive to help people in need of emotional healing such as those recovering from drug and alcohol use, mental health struggles, eating disorders, victims of sexual assault, and veterans.

Classes are free, no registration required, and take place at the Christiana Engagement Center. Recovery yoga is focused on providing a healing environment through the use of yoga for those who have been impacted by substance use disorders, trauma, and/or mental health concerns. We partner with the Transformation Yoga Project to bring this resource to our campus weekly.

Virtual Recovery Yoga during COVID-19 Crisis

We know that during this time maintaining sobriety or managing trauma may be more challenging. We also know that stressful times like this are challenging for everyone. As a result, we are offering a Recovery Yoga video (approx. run time: 45 minutes) which all UD community members may watch for free via Zoom.

However, in order to protect the rights of the video and content owner, the video is password protected. You must submit a valid UD email address using the form below and submit your initials, agreeing to not share the password with anyone. Once you have submitted this information, you will receive the password and be redirected to the recording.

Recovery Yoga password request form.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to us at: studentwellness@udel.edu