Promoters of Wellness Peer Education Program

Posted on May 12, 2017 at: 12:50 pm

We're Recruiting!

We are always accepting applications. New applicants will be eligible to attend meetings and events. Formal training will enable them to present classroom programs, facilitate kiosks, as well as design new programs or events.

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Who Are We

Promoters of Wellness (POW) is a peer education program, which addresses all areas of wellness through classroom programs, interactive kiosks, and partnership with other student organizations for large-scale campus wellness events.

What We Do

  • POW peer educators encourage students to think critically about their lifestyle habits and how these habits influence the decisions they make.
  • Our education topics include all areas of wellness such as safer sex, substance use, positive body image, and stress management.

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Interested in More Wellness Education?

Our POW peer eds offer several programs perfect for your classroom or student group that focus on topics such as healthy sexuality, responsible decision making, and mental health. Click here to read program descriptions, or use the button below to request a program:
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