Physical Wellness Resources

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A physically well person strives to nurture a healthy connection with their body. This connection is maintained and improved through regular exercise, balanced nutrition, good hygiene, recognition of the body’s warning signs, proper illness care, quality sleep and safer sex. Physical wellness enables a person to feel empowered to be responsible for one’s personal health, identify areas for realistic improvement and celebrate areas of success.

Moving, Sleeping, Eating and More.

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Nutrition, Eating and Hydration

Exercise, Fitness and Intentional Movement

Safer Sex

  • Safer Sex and Sexual Wellbeing – this Student Wellness webpage will help you learn about safer sex basics like how to use a condom, sexual citizenship and STI information.

Substance Use

  • Factors that Affect BAC – this is a list of things that impact your blood alcohol content such as: age, biological sex, medications and more.
  • ScreenU – ScreenU is a FREE, online, anonymous and confidential screening tool that provides students with immediate, personalized feedback about their use of alcohol, marijuana, or prescription drugs. Students who take the ScreenU assessment receive strategies to reduce risk and harm related to their use. Students will also receive information about campus resources and services available to support them if they choose to make changes to their use.
  • Substance Use and Our Community – this Student Wellness webpage will help you learn bystander intervention strategies to help your fellow Blue Hens if they are in an unsafe situation, as well as tips if you or your friends choose to go out, to reduce potential risk. This is includes information about what responsible drinking looks like and a choose your own adventure style game that shows you how your choices may impact your night if you choose to drink.

Hygiene and Health

  • Student Health Services – don’t forget to check out UD’s Student Health Services webpage for robust information about services at the health center including STI tests, immunizations, x-rays, emergency contraception, minor injuries and more.

Additional Materials

  • Wellness Archives – a comprehensive repository featuring podcasts and articles on topics including: eating, flossing, breathing, sleeping, medicine, exercise, and more.

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