Students and mascot at Halloween Spooktacular

What is the HENloween Event?

Designed to provide students with a safe and festive atmosphere for Halloween celebration, the HENloween Event (formerly “Halloween Spooktacular”) regularly attracts several hundred UD students and has become a campus tradition. Student Wellness and Health Promotion  coordinates and facilitates the event, with support from the University Student Centers as part of the Trabant Now late night programming series. Although the event began as a substance-free choice during a historically high-risk weekend for alcohol use, its promotion now also includes student-led educational content around alcohol as well as sexual misconduct. Tips include remembering the VITALS acronym for the signs of an alcohol emergency: vomiting, irregular pulse, trouble breathing, abnormal skin, loss of consciousness, and seizures, as well a Be a Blue Hen Friend Harm Reduction Strategies and messages such as “a sexy costume is not an invitation for sex” to raise awareness about sexual harassment and the importance of consent.

October 30, 2022, Harrington Turf, 7:00 – 11:30 pm.

Get in a HENloween Mood:

Music and Radio

Creative Projects: Paper Crafts, Coloring and More.

eBooks and Audiobooks

Available for FREE through Project Gutenberg and Librivox

Project Gutenberg and Librivox are two MASSIVE repositories for public domain (ie. FREE) ebooks and audiobooks (respectively). Public domain works include high quality stories from authors like Shakespeare, Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Mary Shelley, Emily Dickinson and more. Some of our recommendations for Halloween include:

Available for FREE through the UD Library

Sign in to the UD Library’s Overdrive Database to check out eBooks and audiobooks with spooky themes, including: The Woman in Black, My Best Friend’s Exorcism, Halloween Carnival (Vol. 1-5), Zone One and Salem’s Lot. If horror is a bit too scary for you, might we suggest getting your blood and adrenaline pumping with the library’s collection of Mystery, Suspense and Thrillers, which includes: Old Mars, Ready Player One and Dragon Teeth.

Have a Safer Halloween Weekend:

text: alcohol emergency signs: VITALS - one bad vital sign is an alcohol emergency. call 911 for help to qualify for amnesty.

VITALS: Alcohol Emergency Signs

If you see a fellow Blue Hen experiencing even ONE of these symptoms, get help immediately! You must find an RA or call 911 to qualify for Amnesty Don’t forget, according to UD Policy, after you call for help you “must remain with and monitor the student’s condition until assistance arrives, and cooperate fully during the medical and investigative process.”

  • Vomiting
  • Irregular Pulse
  • Trouble Breathing
  • Abnormal Skin
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Seizures
text: be a blue hen friend: use strategies to reduce harm associated with high risk drinking.

Be a Blue Hen Friend: Harm Reduction Strategies

Use these sweet tips to be a Blue Hen Friend and reduce harm associated with high-risking drinking that you or your peers may experience.

  1. When you’re going out:
    • Travel with a group of friends, keep track of your friends and don’t leave anyone behind.
    • Come up with a secret code with your friends that signals if one of you needs help.
    • Know where you are going and have a plan to get home safely.
    • Store emergency numbers in your phone, and use the LiveSafe app to use the Safe Walk feature or to report suspicious activity, people fighting or other emergencies.
  2. Many UD students do not drink, but if you choose to drink:
    • Know your drinking limits and stop drinking when you need to
    • Remember to pace yourself. Reasonable drinking looks like 4 drinks or fewer for men and 3 drinks or fewer for women in one night. Note: these numbers can be impacted by factors such as: body composition, medical conditions and stress.
    • Eat filling foods that have fats and protein and stay hydrated by alternating with non-alcoholic drinks to avoid consuming too much alcohol.
    • Avoid drinks from large, open containers, as well as mixing alcohol with other substance use.
  3. Anytime and Always:
    • Respect everyone. Remember, not everyone drinks, and a sexy outfit is not an invitation for sex.
    • Set clear boundaries, and respect the boundaries of others.
    • If you witness a creepy situation or someone being aggressive, create a distraction to separate the people involved, ask someone else to step in or call for help.
    • Recognize the signs of an alcohol emergency (VITALS) and call 911 for help if you or a friend is experiencing even ONE sign. Remember, Amnesty is available.

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