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A financially well person strives to live within one’s means and be equipped with the skills necessary to address financial emergencies. Financial Wellness enables a person to feel empowered to achieve realistic goals through an accurate awareness of one’s financial state and the ability to budget.

Budgeting, Planning for Retirement and Better Ways to Manage Money

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Renter’s Insurance – this article covers the basics of why you need renter’s insurance, how much you might need and where to get it.
  • How to Get the Financial Aid You Need to Afford College – this article provides different tools and strategies to gain financial assistance to reduce the cost of college.
  • How to Budget and Save Money as a College Student – this article describes several different ways to manage your money so you can put more aside into your savings.
  • How I Cut My Average Meal Cost to $3.57 by Meal Prepping – an article that explores one person’s strategy to use meal prepping as a way to reduce grocery bills.
  • Money Under 30 – this website provides information about credit cards, banking, investments, loans, insurance and personal finance.
  • Personal Finance – this website collects a variety of podcasts and articles about financial goal planning, how to avoid money scams, budgeting, investing in the stock market, buying cars, how compound interest works, and more.
  • Life Skills: Personal Finance – this course series by Khan Academy explores savings, retirement and budgeting, interest, credit and debt, income and benefits, expenses such as housing, tuition, taxes and transportation, as well as protecting your information.
  • CashCourse – Provides online personal finance tools to help you build real-life-ready financial skills. CashCourse offers you a customizable set of tools so you can make decisions that fit your life.

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