Environmental Wellness Resources

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An environmentally well person strives to practice respect towards one’s surroundings. On a macro scale this represents our planet Earth. It also extends to the space we share with others and the space we occupy ourselves. Environmental Wellness enables a person to feel empowered to be a conscientious steward of available resources and to pursue a harmonious relationship with the natural world.

Caring for Your Space, the Space You Share with Others, and for Our Planet

  • How to Develop Your Nature Instinct – a podcast about learning how to read nature so you can better navigate the world, predict the weather and even find food if you’re lost in the woods.
  • Ecosia Blog – Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees when you use it to search with, and their blog is full of great information about trending environmental topics and ways that you can help the planet.
  • Easy Ways to Be Eco-Friendly – a podcast about simple things you can do to help the environment.
  • 5 Sustainable Sites and Apps to Reduce Waste for an Eco-Friendly World – a selection of websites and apps that can help you reduce waste in your daily life.
  • Trash is for Tossers – learn how to get closer to living a zero-waste life from simple daily habits changes to long-term life commitments, you can reduce the amount of waste you produce starting today.
  • Newark Natural Foods – this grocery store is located within walking distance to campus and features all sorts of earth-friendly options (think: organic, package free, bulk dry goods, sustainably sourced, and more!)
  • Package Free Shop – need to order something online? There’s a good chance you can get it from this store, and it will ship with the absolute minimum amount of packaged to reduce waste and fossil fuels.

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