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An emotionally well person strives to cultivate awareness, acceptance and management of a full range of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Emotional Wellness enables a person to feel empowered to engage in self-care, ask for help, grow from experiences, develop autonomy and improve executive functioning.

So Many Facets to Emotional Wellness!

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Mental Health During a Pandemic

  • Teaching Through a Pandemic – this article discusses cognitive load and how chronic stress reduces your ability to learn, while the target audience is educators, you may find it helps lend insight into academic struggles you may be experiencing currently.
  • How the Stages of Grief Explain What You’re Feeling During the Pandemic – this podcast explores how some of the emotions you’re experiencing right now are parallel to the stages of grief, and by understanding your feelings in this context, you’ll be better able to overcome struggles related to maintaining good mental health during this time.
  • COVID-19 Support – this is a collection of tools, articles and other information cultivated by CCSD to help students get virtual support through counseling services, as well as self-help materials.
  • Mental Health Care Package: Coping with COVID-19 – this is a collection of tools, activities and other information cultivated by ERAU Counseling Center to support students during this time.
  • Reasons to be Cheerful – Good news from around the world on a variety of fronts. Stories with good news happening around the world, from environmental advances to equity advances to political civility to community approaches to homelessness to health advances. Basically the site is a source of good news stories. 

Mindfulness Tools

  • How to Use Audio Therapy as Part of Your Meditation Routine – this article discusses how certain types of sounds can help you enter more easily into a meditative state or even help your daily mindfulness practices.
  • Guided Exercises from the Mind Body Behavior Laboratory – these podcasts produced through UD’s Mind Body Behavior Laboratory assist students with practicing meditation, doing body scans and engaging in mindful breathing exercises.
  • Wellness Break VideosSexual Offense Support (SOS) at UD created a series of educational videos that cover a variety of health and wellness topics to support our Blue Hen community. You’ll be able to learn about: stress reduction tips, anxiety management strategies, how to dance, how to create your own mindful coloring mandala, how to sing, ways to practice fitness and more!

Stress Management

  • The Case for Being Unproductive – this podcast examines the ways in which being unproductive is beneficial to your mental health by freeing you from overworking and under-relaxing once you’ve learned how to shift the value you place on time spent doing different activities.
  • How to Do a Gut Check – this video produced by UD Alumni Experts explains how to explore internal feelings of something “bugging you” and what it can mean, and how to resolve it.
  • Feeling Overwhelmed? These 8 Techniques Can Help – this article explores common causes of stress such as procrastination and over-commitment and ways to overcome them, including: doing a reset, (re)establishing a routine and asking for help.
  • The Hedonic Treadmill – feeling stressed because you don’t feel happy enough? this video highlights the ways in which always pursuing “happiness” can make it harder for you to actually, ever feel happy, and provides strategies to approach life in a more fulfilling way.
  • Choosing Well at UD: Stress Management – on this Student Wellness webpage learn about the three main types of stress, guided candle meditation and how to create a stress management plan.

Building Resiliency

  • How Exercise Helps Us Find Happiness, Hope, Connection, and Courage – this podcast explores the benefits of exercise beyond the purely physical by tapping into the way that movement can able us to build relationships, experience joy more easily, and the role music can play in supporting your workout.
  • How to Know When to Quit – sometimes the greatest marker of being a resilient person is recognizing when to stop doing something, which is what this video discusses.
  • How to Take Criticism – this video explore strategies for receiving critical feedback in a way that instead of crushing your mood, actually motivates you to make changes so you can grow and develop.
  • Weird and Wonderful Ways to Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – this podcast explores how being able to sit with discomfort actually enables you to build resiliency, and motivates you to learn new things and tackle new challenging, experiences, which ultimately boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel better.

Not finding what you were hoping for? Don’t forget, the Counseling Center at UD has webpage devoted to resources that support self-care and mental health.

You might also be interested in our Wellness Break video series produced by S.O.S., sign in with your UD email address to watch.

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