Creative Wellness Resources

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A creatively well person strives to further their appreciation of the world through innovation and exploration. Creative wellness enables a person to feel empowered to explore the diversity of thought, culture and the arts that represent human experience, and to contribute to this collection by using one’s own unique ideas to create something new.

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

  • Arts @ UD – this YouTube playlist features videos a collection of musical and other artistic performances created by fellow Blue Hens.
  • Backstage Pass Online – provided by the Arts and Sciences Masters Players Concert series through UD, this collection features recorded music performances, discussions with performers and even the opportunity to register for LIVE virtual events.
  • Artists for Joy – this podcast series explores the health and wellbeing benefits of pursuing creative activities to reduce stress, overcome challenges or heal from past experiences.
  • UD Mandala – express your UD spirit by downloading and printing this UD themed coloring page to adorn with blue and gold in whatever medium you prefer or save a tree and use GIMP to color it in.
  • How (and Why) to Make Time for Side Projects – this articles discusses the benefits of setting aside time to engage in a creative pursuit of your choice.
  • Struggling to Finish a Project? Try These 7 Techniques – this article provides strategies to assist you in returning to an abandoned project or pushing through to finish a creative project when you’re having trouble finding the time or motivation to do so.
  • 28 to Make: Art Making Video Series – is a collection of over a dozen short (about 2 minutes in length) how-to videos centered around art-making and other creative processes that are FREE to use through the Alexander Street video distribution library.

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