Career Wellness Resources

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An occupationally well person strives to achieve satisfaction, seek enrichment and find meaning through work. Occupational Wellness enables a person to feel empowered to maintain a healthy work-life balance, foster positive workplace relationships and make valuable contributions in one’s chosen career(s).

Resources through the UD Career Center

  • Big Interview: It isn’t just a training course. You’ll also get hands-on practice with mock interviews tailored to your specific industry, job and experience level.
  • PathwayU: Helps you think about what’s important to you and explore career paths related to your values, interest, personality and workplace preferences. Results and career matches are available immediately.
  • UD Career Center: Virtual Services – Resources include: job search tools, resume, cover letter and eportfolio assistance, interview practice, networking events, virtual appointments and drop-in hours.

Information Repositories

These sites will provide you with all sorts of tools, articles, podcasts, videos and more!

  • So You Want My Job – An article collection of occupational interviews primarily focused on people who have careers in vocational trades, but other professions are also featured including: mechanics, electrical, carpentry, app development, plumbing, IT professions, architecture, library sciences, tree climbing, commercial fishing, and more.
  • Networking Archives – A collection of articles and podcasts about professional networking to build career connections including information about: how to make better introductions, tips specific for college students, how to overcome failures, professional ways to share accomplishments, managing your online reputation and more.
  • Career Skills Collection – Videos, articles and podcasts that help you level up your professional skills including strategies for: job searches, writing resumes, cover letters, and post-interview thank-you notes, as well as information on freelance work and other part-time ways to build your experience.
  • Life Skills: Careers – a collection of videos by Khan Academy exploring a large variety of careers including: tech fields, freelancing, entrepreneurship, arts, construction, law, healthcare, and more.

Video Tutorials

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