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Managing Academics and Your Wellbeing

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Improve My Time Management


Improve My Studying and Test-taking Skills

  • How to Overcome Test Anxiety – 5 Strategies That Work – this video explores how the signs of anxiety and the signs of excitement overlap, and how you can use this to your advantage to approach exams with a healthy and positive mindset.
  • How to Create a Study Schedule for Your Final Exams – this video helps you create a study/revision schedule so you can “minimize the time you spend procrastinating and studying inefficiently, study in the most effective ways possible, spend the most time on the most important material, and manage your health and stress levels well”
  • Confidence Tracking: A Brain Hack for Improving Your Exam Grades – this video discusses how “tracking your confidence in the moment is the best way of accurately gauging it” when you are answering exam questions that you aren’t 100% certain of the answer for.
  • How to Motivate Yourself to Study (The 5-Step Process) – if you don’t have time to build better studying habits, then this article will help you course correct in the immediate present to get you through a particular rough patch with studying, paper writing or general procrastination.
  • Ace Your Exams – according to a University of California study, 33% of students didn’t do well academically because “they simply didn’t know how to study,” and this article seeks to help readers with the author’s personal academic tips for success.
  • Studying and Learning – this resource repository includes information on learning, studying, note-taking and more.
  • How to Study with INTENSE Focus: 6 Essential Tips – this video highlights ways to quit multitasking so you can focus on one action item at a time in order to do more and to do it better.
  • Learning How to Learn – in this podcast, Peter Brown, co-author of the book “Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning” is interviewed and shares some counter-intuitive strategies to learn better. 
  • Write This Down: Note-Taking Strategies for Academic Success – this article explores several different tools and tips for taking better notes, both in class and after class.

Improve My Ability to Focus

  • How to Improve Focus With an Audio Cocktail – this article describes how to use White, Pink and Brown noise to create a blend of background sounds for concentration needs, all for free using the internet or apps.
  • How to Become Indistractable – in this podcast interview, Nir Eyal, a behavioral design expert and the author of “Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life,” discusses how to deal with distraction triggers, how to identify what you really need to be doing, how to control your attention and the relationship between distraction and focus.
  • Why Multitasking Makes You Less Productive (Except When It Doesn’t) – this video discusses why humans are pretty bad at multitasking and really can only do it successfully in three very specific scenarios, otherwise it’s best to stick with one to-do list item at a time.


Manage Online Learning Better


Graph Paper and Note Paper

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UD's Writing Center

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Choosing Well at UD

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